[email protected] Volume II
Sullivan+Stumpf | Singapore
13 October - 10 November 2018

Opening on Saturday, 13 October, 5-7pm

Sri Lankan-born Sydney-based artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran presents [email protected] Volume II, a solo exhibition of iconoclastic clay sculptures that explores gender, popular culture, exoticism and outsider aesthetics. Within the last year, Nithiyendran's irreverently grotesque figures have been presented across Asia to critical acclaim.

[email protected] Volume II is an expansion of the bold proclamations of Nithiyendran's institutional shows which have since evolved into a self-reflexive investigation of relationships and power, holding a mirror to the world at odds. Traces of Nithiyendran's personality are embedded, as sartorial flamboyance, but also as self-mockery. Self-portraiture, according to the artist, is a theme that runs through all his work, toeing the line between narcissism and self-parody. Playing along with the idea of the artist as a brand in today's age of screen culture, Nithiyendran's laughter is truly contagious.