Alex Seton


New Public Artworks to Seek Out
Arts Hub, 20/01/2023
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New Directions: Alex Seton
Art Collector, 01/01/2023
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Alex Seton: A friend, a pond, a boat and a stream by Kate Britton
Sullivan + Strumpf Magazine | Feb/Mar 2022, 09/02/2022
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In the Studio: Alex Seton
Sullivan + Strumpf Magazine | Summer 2021/22, 03/11/2021
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Australian Sculptor Alex Seton scoops coveted Rome residency'
Arts Review, 04/02/2019
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Mendelssohn, Joanna "Honouring the dead- Alex Seton’s stark, moving protest sculptures carved from marble"
The Conversation, 12/12/2018
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Davidson, Helen, "Marble tombstones at Labor conference reminder of ALP's role in offshore detention"
The Guardian , 07/12/2018
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Alex Seton 'Cargo'
Blouin Art Info , 19/10/2018
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Mitsuji, Tai, "Alex Seton explores our cultural bagge in Cargo"
Art Guide, 26/09/2018
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Fortescue, Elizabeth, "Carving out a new take on fast fashion"
Daily Telegraph , 20/09/2018
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Carr, Matt, "Public support helps Newcastle gallery acquire Paper Armada"
Newcastle Herald, 15/08/2018
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From Engagement to Action
Art Guide, 18/07/2017
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Giles, Oliver. 'Set in Stone'
Prestige Magazine HK, 01/08/2015
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Britton, Kate. 'Someone died trying to have a life like mine'
Art Collector, Art Basel Hong Kong , 13/03/2015
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Grishin, Sasha. 'Art Review - Alex Seton Exhibition at the Australian War Memorial'
The Canberra Times, 27/02/2015
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Tsui, Denise. 'Conceits and Last Resort'
Art Asia Pacific, 20/02/2015
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'Selected Exhibition: Alex Seton - Last Resort'
ARTAND , 01/12/2014
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Preston, Sammy. 'Hard Reality By Alex Seton'
Broadsheet, 22/09/2014
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Oakley-Smith, Mitchell. 'See: Alex Seton's Refoulement'
Manuscript, 15/09/2014
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Fairley, Gina. 'Alex Seton: Refoulement'
Artshub, 15/09/2014
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Seeto, Aaron. 'Critic's Choice'
Australian Art Collector, 01/06/2012
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McDonald, John. 'The Big Picture'
Sydney Morning Herald, 26/05/2012
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Chow, Vivienne. 'Art fair's fifth edition is bigger and better'
South China Morning Post, 17/05/2012
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Fulton, Alex. 'Artist takes a look at what's under the hood'
Sydney Morning Herald, 15/05/2012
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Mendelssohn, Joanna. 'Contemporary Art as it was meant to be'
The Conversation, 04/03/2012
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Fairley, Gina. 'Rewriting the Monumental'
World Sculpture News, 01/03/2012
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'Carving quite a name for himself'
The Sun Herald, 13/06/2010
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Small, Bethany. 'Flags and Wilderness of Mirrors'
The Thousands, 01/05/2010
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Carven, Owen. 'Alexander Seton'
Artist Profile, 01/05/2010
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Martin-Chew, Louise. 'Malleable Marble'
Australian Art Review, 01/05/2010
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Meacham, Steve. 'Marble is the Message'
Sydney Morning Herald, 25/07/2009
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'Alex Seton'
ARC Biennial Exhibition Catalogue, 01/06/2007
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'Carving a Path'
The Weekly Magazine McGrath, 01/12/2006
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Somerville, Jane. 'Alex Setton'
COFA Alumni Profile, 01/01/2006
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McDonald, John. 'The Guiding Lights'
Sydney Morning Herald, 23/12/2005
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McDonald, John. 'Illusion of Reality'
Sydney Morning Herald, 19/11/2005
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'The Next Big Thing'
100K+, 01/08/2005
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Reid, Michael. 'Alex Seton'
Sydney Morning Herald, 01/07/2005
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'Art This Way'
State of the Arts, 01/10/2004
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Reid, Michael. 'The next big thing in sculptors'
The Australian, 01/09/2004
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'Artist Alex Seton'
The Sydney Morning Hereld, 01/09/2004
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Mayerhoffer, Karl. 'Rock Star'
Black and White, 01/06/2004
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