Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo


Giving Up Control - Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo
CoBo Social, 29/05/2017
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Ramos, Javelyn. 'Understand, Utilise, Uplift: 3 Southeast Asian Artists presented by Silverlens x ROH Projects, Jakarta'
Art Radar, 22/08/2016
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Layer Upon Layer : A Review of Arin Sunaryo, Maria Taniguchi, Patricia Perez Eustasio
Manila Artscene, 05/08/2016
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Iskandar, Ria. 'An Inside Look at artist Arin Sunaryo's Art Studio'
Indonesia Tatler, 01/05/2015
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Will, Rachel. 'A Universal Story Told in Resin'
The New York Times, 23/10/2014
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Elicano, Pat. 'Art & The City : Guggenheim "No Country" Exhibition', 15/05/2014
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