Barbara Cleveland


Barbara Cleveland: This Thinking-Business
Sullivan + Strumpf Magazine | Summer 2021/22, 03/11/2021
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Knezic, Sophie, "Doubled up: non-coincidence and the comic body"
The Humours (exhibition catalogue), 07/10/2017
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French, Sarah, 'Spectacle, Community and Memory in the Performance Art of Brown Council'
Staging Queer Feminisms : Sexuality and Gender in Australian Performance, 2005-2015, 01/01/2017
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Price, Jason, "Fusing the Serious and the Ridiculous: An Interview with Brown Council"
Contemporary Theatre Review , 24/12/2016
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Jaspers, Anneke, "In Search of Barbara Cleveland: Interview"
Look Magazine, 01/11/2016
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Stranger, Lucy, "Barbara Cleveland: Bodies in Time"
Art Almanac, 31/10/2016
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Stephanie Rosenthal, Kate Blackmore, Diana Baker Smith, Frances Barrett and Kelly Doley with introduction by Bree Richards, "In conversation: Brown Council with Stephanie Rosenthal"
20th Biennale of Sydney Catalogue, 23/10/2015
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