Judy Millar


Dalgleish, Jodie, "Judy Millar: The Sinew of Space"
Contemporary Hum, 12/02/2018
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Alison Veness, "Up is Heaven, Down is Ocean"
10 Magazine, 29/12/2017
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Browne, S,'Creative Tension'
Sunday Mail, 17/06/2013
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Wolff, S, 'I give you the end of a golden thread'
The Art Life, 24/05/2013
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Gardiner, S, 'What Now? Judy Millar'
Art Collector, 01/04/2013
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Thomas, M, 'Catastrophic Pictures for the Twenty-first Century'
Art & Australia, 01/09/2009
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Shepheard, C, 'Giraffe, Bottle, Gun'
Artist Profile, 01/07/2009
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Byrt, A, 'There Will be Colour'
Art World, 01/06/2009
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