Sullivan+Strumpf, Booth D17
Carriageworks, Sydney
10-13 September

“In April this year I travelled to the Syrian border with an art project, to mentor over 350 Syrian refugees under the age of fifteen. I was faced with a colourful, extraordinary landscape and the most beautiful, hospitable people you could meet, juxtaposed with centuries of history and tragedy. Thousands of refu- gees are making do with whatever they have.”

Previously Karen Black has sourced research material, images and personal stories via the Internet or correspondents in particular conflict zones. However, in April this year she travelled with the Karam Foundation as an art mentor to Syrian Refugees. Travelling with a team of over 40 mentors from all over the world, Karen worked with the Al Jeel School for Syrian refugees in Reyhanli, Turkey. The program helps over 300 children who are currently displaced along the Syrian-Turkish border - many of whom have not been to school for over three years due to the civil war in their country. This body of work represents a poignant visual translation of the experiences she bore witness to.