Flowers of the Night

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Artist Statement

Each day begins by stepping out into the quiet pre-dawn with an hour’s walk in the darkness. The world seems a different place, dreamlike, there is a sense of an ancient
past. Trees and structures are transformed, it’s silent except for the sounds of nature, the occasional wildlife encounter, hopefully never the legendary black panther. Colours range from pearlescent moonlight and streetlight to pitch darkness, then the creeping distant pink dawn.

These night wanderings were a source of inspiration for Flowers of the Night . The sculptures for the exhibition were shaped by fragmented images from my environment, memory, culture and ghosts from the past. These works evolved organically, often from a state of subconscious reverie – musings leading to my hands to make marks, form clay structures or reassemble fired components. The work aims to invite imagination and the contemplation of some kind of other realm.

Lynda Draper, 2021