S+S caught up with London-based Australian artist Ry David Bradley ahead of his solo show at S+S Sydney later this month to find out where he works and why he loves his space.

Where will we find you working?
My studio is located in central London in a large ex-office building wedged between a church from the 1500s and the new Goldman Sachs building.

What do you love most about working in this space?
The building sits on a bridge with gargoyles and dragons, and in the basement of the bridge is a great musty smelling wine cellar with amazing selections for after a hard day.

What are your three favourite things in your studio and why?
I can walk to the studio from where I live, but I usually ride. It’s unusual, as most people in the area are dressed for finance industry work – and then in the midst of that there is this huge building full of artists. Imagine a typical office floor interior decor, but everything covered in paint splashes. I have some great friends who also make their work there.

What do you listen to while you work?
I listen to music all the time as it really informs me as an artist – the way it pushes forward culturally, but also includes previous styles. I hate to say it but the algorithm on Spotify has really figured me out! I can trust it to send new and old music my way based on what I’ve chosen before. Maybe not all futures are bad...

What does the average day in the studio look like for you?
I like to work from home in the early hours and then jump on the bike just after peak traffic is over. I work until around 8pm each day and then head back home to keep going. Work never really ends these days, but when you’re doing something you are obsessed with, working and living tend to merge.