Hazy Shopping

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These works represent a dramatic shift in my approach to image making, where I once composed a painting from material objects, these paintings no longer rely on the physical in their arrangements. With the notion of the still life in mind, these works use sourced imagery to create a painting. The status of the original image is ultimately shifted through a process of appropriation and dissemination.

The work becomes not a direct translation of the subject matter, but through sampling, repeating, cropping and distorting, they arrive at something else, something like a motif of which to draw on to create a new sort of image that borders on abstraction. In some cases, this process of abstraction has obscured the source image until it becomes a mere memory.

In this process of sampling from a wide range of sources I have become acutely aware of the interchangeable, almost empty quality of the subject matter in relation to the painting as a whole. Found elements populate the canvas and are used as compositional tools in the construction of each work. Images from album covers, book illustrations and Google searches are presented on a level playing field.

- Dane Lovett, 2015