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Curated by Dr. Mikala Tai

There is something unnerving about a trompe-l'œil. Such trickery of perspective ruptures the trust we place in our vision, our eyes onto the world. Our ability to perceive reality and discern truth is questioned the moment our eye is deceived. No longer able to trust our observations the once taut veneer of actuality suddenly appears fragile. In this moment the peculiarities of contradictions allow new perspectives to emerge and we are, briefly, able to look at the everyday anew.

Trompe-l'œil brings together six artists from across Asia who seek to reimagine understandings and expectations. Their works, although diverse, all use artistic techniques to recast our readings of the everyday. Through holographic shifts, tessellated shadows and unexpected flickers the works reveal alternative futures and dark realities. With the comfort of expectation lost the viewer is invited to consider, in that moment of rupture, the expanded possibilities of new perspectives.


Georgina Cue (Australia)
Arslan Faruqi (Pakistan)
Adeela Suleman (Pakistan)
Heo Subin (Korea)
Yang Yongliang (China)
Kai Wasikowski (Australia)