Healing Circles

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Building upon Hiromi Tango’s performative art practice, Healing Circles responds to the influence contemporary life has on us and our relationship with one another. This exhibition includes a range of sculptures, textiles, photo images, works on paper and neon lights. Tango employs the circle as a recurring motif in this exhibition, as it is a universal symbol of healing – representing the cycle of life, regeneration, relationships and a state of total completion. 

Hiromi Tango’s sculptures are “frequently based on the notion of a circle, they refer to neural loops and the creation of the multiple parts of the sculptures involve a circular winding action. Tango looks to neural science as a source of inspiration for her work…” (Dr. Patricia Jungfer). Embodying the concept of nature and nurture, Tango’s iconic sculptures take on forms of the moon and the human heart using metallic materials and illuminated lights. 

Included in this exhibition are works on paper in vibrant colours and abstract forms – created with the meditative practice of drawing circles. The drawings are both objects and performances in the process of its creation – one that signifies rest, allowing a moment of reflection where it is often difficult to slow down and focus the mind, in the midst of all the demands and distractions of contemporary life.