there on the other shore

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Artist Statement

Kirsten Coelho presents a new body of work in which ideas - both metaphoric and real - of journey, transformation and longing are explored through porcelain objects.

Looking also to divergent areas of literature - the ancient Greek epic poem Homer’s Odyssey, poetry of Modern Greek poets George Seferis and C.P Cavafy, and the poems of Emily Dickinson, this current body of work is an exploration of forms that hint at and have their origins in the architecture and domestic objects of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Columns, cups, vases, bowls - Assembled vignettes -shape narratives that allude to social and material culture, history and the personal, in an attempt to tell stories of past and present through the allegorical potential and power of objects.

Parallel to this is the ongoing engagement with porcelain as a material and its aptitude for subtle and abstracted glaze surfaces. The mutable nature of light and shadow across its surface and a melding of the formal and the abstract – surface and shape. Engagement with light and the way tone, form and space are altered by light’s impermanent spectrum and fall.

Literature and particularly poetry presents a constant lens with which to filter experience and see the world anew. This provides a starting point for a poesis and a convergence of thought and hand making. One of the most compelling attributes of porcelain for me is that it can yield many tones that alter in everchanging light - white, grey, pale white, pale grey... differing tones, all shifting with lights’ ephemeral nature.

This new work brings together five different porcelain clay bodies – each one having a variant character and a differing interaction with light.

And when it comes, the landscape listens

Shadows - hold their breath –

Emily Dickinson - A Certain Slant of Light

Kirsten Coelho, 2021