Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran
Polymorphous Figures
23 Apr – 9 May 20
Selected Works
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White Figure with Red Spiky Head 2020

earthenware, glaze and lustre
92 × 27 × 29 cm

Blue Seated Figure 2020

earthenware, glaze, lustre and synthetic hair
92 × 35 × 30 cm

Three legged blue figure with t-shirt 2020

earthenware, glaze and lustre
71 × 36 × 21 cm

Figure with red crown 2020

earthenware, glaze and rope
109 × 35 × 37 cm

Multi Breasted Figure 

earthenware, glaze, lustre and synthetic hair
110 × 45 × 28 cm

Bi-head with White t-shirt 2020

earthenware, glaze and lustre
65 × 33 × 22 cm

Caramel Figure with Snake 2020

earthenware, glaze and lustre
67 × 45 × 20 cm

Brown Figure with Snake 2020

earthenware, glaze and lustre
65 × 42 × 24 cm

Exhibition Text
by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

Within these new works, I have referenced smaller scale idols and figurative sculptures found in domestic, architectural and various other contexts. I have studied South Asian sculptural vernacular including figures adorning the exteriors of temples, contemporary iterations of sexual symbols as well as depictions of monkeys, birds and fish. I’ve explored a broad range of themes related to idolatry, queer politics and aesthetics, the polychrome and manual forms of production.

The series includes a large collection three-legged figures – all produced in 2020. This third-leg motif has been recurrent in my practice. I’m interested in this symbol as it is simultaneously sexual, structural, architectural and animal. When I look at the collection of works together in my studio – they seem sentient. They are at times an army, a series of warriors, mythical beings or deity-like forms.

Each sculpture is hand built and glazed in my studio in Rydalmere in Western Sydney. I’ve attempted to incorporate a more a painterly language in these ceramic surfaces. I’ve included coarse brush marks, drips, transparent layers and expressive lashes of glaze. This is reflective of my renewed interest in painting as a core methodology and language in my studio practice.

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