Enggar Rhomadioni
S.E.A Focus 2023
Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore
6 Jan – 15 Jan 23
Selected Works
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Photography by Darren Soh

Enggar Rhomadioni (S.E.A Focus 2023)
Photography by Darren Soh

Genevieve Ang (S.E.A Focus 2023)
Photography by Darren Soh

Exhibition Text

Enggar Rhomadioni

For the past year, Enggar Rhomadioni’s works have been derived from the notions and the meaning of house and home, and their underlying emotional foundations. Being away from his hometown, he reinterprets his beliefs as a Javanese through his paintings and attempts to recreate a sense of a home.

The visual elements and narratives in his paintings are derived from memories and items that are associated with his childhood memories from a house that was once a home to him; paintings become a still life composed of emotional souvenirs from the past. Rhomadioni’s works aim to connect with viewers through the sense of familiarity by using common household elements and belongings that have one usage but might carry unique and individual meanings and associations.

Genevieve Ang

Genevieve Ang’s latest series of sculptures is an exploration surrounding the element of cobalt. Celebrated for its deep alluring blue, the mineral is also one of the key components used in lithium-ion batteries, making cobalt one of the most sought-after minerals in the world. More than the world’s half-known deposit of the cobalt comes from beneath the Democratic Republic of Congo where over three-quarters of its citizens live in extreme poverty. The living situation for the country’s residents is aggravated by the violent rush to extract cobalt as the world races to adopt green energy technologies.

In seeing through the lens of the element, Ang attempts to draw a connection between the disparate worlds of scientific information and the everyday. The titles inconspicuously suggest the possible ingredients that went into making the sculptures – a combination of chemical elements and biochemical compounds. Questioning the differences and similarities between the two through exploration of abstracted forms from narratives such as the origin of cobalt, the mining of cobalt, and the presence of cobalt in an essential vitamin that sustains human life.

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