Out of Life
Sullivan+Strumpf | Sydney
29 June - 4 August 2018

Opening tomorrow, Friday 29 June, 6-8pm
Artist Talk from 6-6.30pm

Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney is delighted to present, Out of Life, an exhibition of new work by Darren Sylvester. Combining references to Hollywood, magic, mortality and Microsoft, the exhibition was inspired by the purchase of an unidentified 1970s science fiction space suit.Out of Life continues Sylvester's ongoing interest in authenticity, desire and death; subjects he examines through an off-beat narrative borne out of a lost moment of pop-culture.

Last year Sylvester purchased a 1970s-style science fiction space suit from an auction house sale of old costumes from  Hollywood films and TV shows. Catalogued with no known provenance, the costume was rendered relatively worthless. The only clue to its history was the name, Stacey, hand-written on a tag on the inside. Was Stacey the actor's name or a TV character? In Out of Life, Sylvester uses her long-forgotten costume to resurrect Stacey in two large-format film photographs; trapped in character forever inside a B-Grade film set. Bored and melancholy, Stacey waits for her scene to be called, a battle to begin, for love to arrive – or somehow, to go home. Left all alone in this make-believe universe, Stacey holds a feeling relatable to everyone – being all out of life.