eX de Medici
Spies Like Us
Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney
Opens 10 June | 3-5pm

'We want everything.

We watch listen to everyone. We want to be them and we can be with enough study and surgery we eat every thought of every fool in every place. We are unsatiated perpetual motion

The stazi's got nothing on us.' - eX de Medici, 2017

Although continually shifting in subject matter, eX de Medici's intricate watercolours form ongoing interrogations of the politics of power and the relationship between life and death. Beneath their beautiful ornamentations, themes of violence and destruction are orchestrated through the imagery of firearms, helmets and other military paraphernalia wreathed by organic detritus. This unique aesthetic draws from the artist's background as a tattooist and recalls the vanitas tradition. De Medici's miniaturist technique and technical virtuosity invites close examination through which the spectator becomes caught in a paradoxical vacillation between the beautiful and the repulsive.