Sullivan+Strumpf | Singapore
24 February - 1 April 2018
Opens this Saturday, 24 February, 5-7pm

fillet presents an extension of Habibi's ongoing series of assemblages titled This Thing, which explores notions from the ubiquity in urban life and the relationship society has with material culture. Habibi's inquiry takes on a formalist approach where elements and forms of common objects, such as a pool ladder or an indigo tinted window glass pane, are deconstructed and proportioned to create Habibi's distinguished style.

Using his own body as a reference for scale, the dimensions of the sculpture are tuned to create a composition that speaks to his viewers on a personal level, inciting individual interpretations and perceptions of not only the artist, but each viewer as well. Through Habibi's observations and inquiries into the spatial elements of his work, the shadows which form from his sculptures prompt a dialogue about the embodied relationship between the forms of his work and the specific spaces it inhibits.