Not hours minutes
12-26 May 2018
Sullivan+Strumpf | Sydney

Opening on Saturday, 12 May 2018, 3-5pm
The artist will be in conversation with Michelle Newton, Deputy Director of Artspace, Sydney

In Samuel Beckett's play Endgame, the unspoken "pause" leads to an endless play of meanings and indeterminacies. Beckett uses the silent pause to subvert the idea of any singular, rigid meaning; providing a kind of glitch or fracture within which to represent the unfamiliar, unknown and unspoken, "I hesitate, I hesitate to ....... To end," says Hamm.

A negative space full of possibility and mutability, Beckett referred to the pause as the "vast will of unmaking". Like a fracture or crack, the pause splits a moment in two, whilst simultaneously unifying it. Similarly, in Not hours minutes, Karen Black examines the inaudible marks and indeterminate moments within her existing work, revealing the potency of pauses glimpsed in conversation, on a walk, during a train trip, or in fleeting views from the window. Black reinterprets the ambiguities of these silent pauses and pregnant caesuras in expressive painterly gesture on canvas and ceramic vessels.

Following a one-year studio residency at Artspace, Sydney, during which Black worked towards an exhibition for the Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award, these works engage with the physical dynamics of painting, using architectural, historical and everyday references. The exhibition's largest work, Table Manners (acrylic and oil on linen, 210 x 200 cm), mirrors the size of a set of louvred windows in the artist's bedroom; a proscenium space revealing the passing season, the weather and activities of the imagination - an aperture through which to pause for reflection; wherein time seems to stop.