Sullivan+Strumpf is honoured to announce the representation of Karla Dickens. Dickens is Wiradjuri and a multi-disciplinary artist whose iconic photography, video, mixed-media installation practice and poetry, have long been the subject of deep admiration—at the gallery and across the Australian and Asia Pacific regions. A careful collector of racially and sexually charged memorabilia, she is a caretaker over material cultures that haunt us.

“I’m not a politician; I’m an artist, a storyteller. With my art I talk about my personal experiences. I don’t set out to make political statements. I am political simply because I am who I am—a single mother, a lesbian, a first Australian.”1 — Karla Dickens

An icon embodied, we are so very happy to welcome Karla Dickens into the Sullivan+Strumpf family and look forward to working together!

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7e691cb9e5328a4ef754fb1f292787e5p2Karla Dickens Sweet treats and rotten teeth 2019 Mixed media 120 120 cm2Karla Dickens Hole in my pocket 2019 Mixed media 120 120 cm2

 Photo: Mick Richards Photography