larg installation


We've had Lara Merrett on our radar for a while now. But it was her three major milestone shows at Artspace in 2017, the MCA Bella Jackson Room in 2018 and the University of Queensland Art Museum in 2019 that really signalled to us what a superstar she is.

Her work expands on the rich tradition of abstraction with fresh ideas and new approaches. Often, she includes the community in her creative process and frequently eschews the constraints of the picture plane to immerse the viewer.

Audiences are invited as active participants in her work, painted surfaces are interchangeable, and able to be touched, walked among, cut through, and removed. There is an enormous generosity and trust transferred to the audience when this happens. 

Within her expansive colour fields, Merrett imagines all the ‘geographies of space, atmosphere and physicality’, layering and pouring water-based materials in a process never fully anticipated yet always transformative for the work and, when collaborative, all of those involved.