JLamb Crested Pigeon 2020 Acrylic on superfine polyester 92x122cm6


Best know for her hard-edge renderings of the urban environment, being in lockdown has brought the importance of nature to the forefront of Joanna Lamb's mind and informed a whole new direction for her work. In typical Lamb fashion though, these works still invite the viewer to stop, slow down and reflect, even for just a moment.

"I’m interested in simplifying images as much as possible, to just before they become completely flattened. I break the view down into shapes and colours and arrange it. It is not necessarily connecting the image back to the original place, it is often quite removed." — Joanna Lamb

 The places she depicts are inherently shaped by human intention and presence. Yet her landscapes remain devoid of people, giving them a new significance now.

We invite you to stop, slow down and reflect for One Long Moment with Joanna Lamb. This exhibition is now open in the gallery and in our online Viewing Room (email required).