Yang Yongliang is celebrated internationally for his monochrome works that evoke the nuances of tone achieved by master ink painters. He has now ventured into colour in a new series that recalls the delicate palette found in paintings by Ming Dynasty master Lan Ying depicting pine trees, bamboo, fantastical twisted rock forms, and sometimes a tiny figure seated in a pavilion. His digital landscapes make us look at Chinese painting traditions and our fragile planet in a new way, oscillating between sublime beauty and dystopian horror.

Experience this exhibition in the gallery or our online viewing space by entering your email address. Includes eleven prints (available in Giclée print on Hahnemühle Photorag Baryta paper or Premium backlit transparency film in LED lightbox), essay by Luise Guest and the breathtaking immersive video installation, Glows in the Night.



Until July 3, 2021