Lake Burley Griffin
Aspen Island / Bowen Place
Kingston Arts Precinct
Henry Holland Park
5 - 28 October 2018

Featuring Tony Albert, Sanné Mestrom and Alex Seton

Tony Albert, Sanné Mestrom and Alex Seton are included in Contour 556 2018 which opens today in Canberra. Contour 556 is a free public art event over three weeks presenting artworks and performances by 60 artists in the world famous public realm and national cultural icons around Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra. It is unique in the field of public sculpture and performance events as it takes place in a consciously designed and culturally layered landscape, in one of only three designed capital cities.

Tony Albert's Exploring the new frontier is a vast installation of 109 individual works on paper installed at Commonwealth Place 'East Space'. Sanné Mestrom's sentinel-like, Sphinx in Repose (Kneeling) has been positioned on Commonwealth Avenue opposite Henry Rolland Park; and Alex Seton's towering Monument to No, provides a counterpoint to Canberra's grandiose public monuments, positioned alongside the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin.

The festival site is a place with deep cultural and heritage overlays. All artworks and performances are site specific, drawing inspiration from or reflecting on the cultural or physical character of Canberra. The sense of place of the Canberra lakeside landscape resonates with the artworks and performances. The connections to Canberra's history provoke a variety of responses from the public that embed a memory of place. The event reinforces the beauty of the designed landscape, and recognises landscapes hidden from view through design. It presents stories of Australia political, cultural and physical history. It includes stories from all Australians, from our past and our future.