Performance of Lizard Tail (Dawn)
Southbank Arts Precinct, Melbourne

Commissioned by Melbourne Art Foundation and MLC Life Insurance, Hiromi Tango recently performed Lizard Tail (Dawn) on Melbourne's Southbank Art Precinct, weaving through the city's iconic cultural landmarks and institutions, coming to rest alongside ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), the 2018 home of Melbourne Art Fair.

The performance, Lizard Tail (Dawn) explores human interaction with the urban environment and our constant connectivity to devices; ruminating on the mystery of those fleeting moments in the early hours, just before we awaken, when the conscious and subconscious become blurred. In Tango's word, 'The Lizard Tail is an accumulation of those things that are just out of the grasp of our consciousness, that we carry with us nonetheless.'

Watch the video produced by NONStudio here.