Jul/Aug 2023

In this issue the lines between the personal and political weave together in unexpected ways. Michael Lindeman humours us with his tongue-in-cheek Regression Paintings, Tai Mitsuji introduces us to the tender sculptures of Tim Silver, Amelia Wallin immerses herself in Lara Merrett’s watery world, Jemima Wyman sweeps us into her World Cloud through complex yet mesmerising collages of unrest; and Managing Editor Claire Summers delves into the potent symbolism behind Tony Albert’s latest limited-edition series, Ashtralia and Wheel of Misfortune. We introduce revered multidisciplinary digital artist Daniel Crooks and Tim Ross, comedian and presenter of Designing a Legacy visits the Ball-Eastaway House, a home designed by architect Glenn Murcutt for artists Sydney Ball and Lynne Eastaway.