Sam Leach, Edited by Art & Australia

Sam Leach is a conundrum. The man wears his intellectual preoccupations on his sleeve, declaring himself, right at the outset, as an artist of ideas. – Tim Winton

Sam Leach, one of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary artists will release his first monograph, Sam Leach, this month at Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney. With over 20 solo shows to his name, Leach has exhibited extensively at galleries and museums throughout Europe and across the Asia Pacific region. He is known for his virtuosic oil paintings. Executed with exemplary brushwork and encased in resin, Leach demarcates an ongoing investigation of the intersection between humans and animals. 

Produced by Art and Australia, the comprehensive survey is interspersed with an essay by celebrated, award-winning Australian author Tim Winton and an interview with writer and art critic Andrew Frost. The book abundantly illustrates over fifty of the artist’s major works to date, including the 2010 Archibald winning portrait of Tim Minchin and Proposal for a landscaped cosmos which took out the Wynne Prize the same year. 

Edited by Art & Australia
Published by Dott Publishing, August 2015
Pages: 109
Dimensions: 285 x 253 mm
Binding: Hardback: fully cased with endpapers
Printing: Colour           
ISBN: 9780994353504
RRP: AUD $70 (incl. postage and handling)
First Edition